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Apr 21

Dodge Knife? Or should I say, Combat Axe.

First off, search “Swiftor Dodge Knife” on Youtube, but it’s pretty obvious what it is.

For Black Ops 2 on PS3

I really wanna play it, so if your interested, add my PSN and include the message “Dodge Knife” and I’ll get it going eventually.


Apr 18

NIU New Hall West

I’m applying for housing at New Hall West.

Can anyone tell me what Huskie Spirit means in regards to the cluster option?

Apr 17

Seriously, DCUO PS3 Help!

Seriously, Am I the only one with this problem?

When I make a new character, they automatically have a secondary attack (Hold Square, Triangle). Also, near the end before fighting the giant robot with the help of Superman, the door won’t open. There’s a guard that no matter how many times you attack it, it won’t lose health, and it also can’t kill you.


Jan 19

Can someone help me with DCUO-PS3?

So I decided to start playing DCUO again, and I’m on a different PSN. 

Needless to say, I made a new hero.

I go through the beginning tutorial stage/area (escaping Braniac’s ship) and near the end, after destroying the pulse thingy that stuns you, the door won’t open. 

No matter how long I wait, it won’t open.

Also in the beginning, I automatically have the first weapon upgrade. (Brawling->Lunge?) 

Anyone else?


It’s decided:

I’m way to lazy to create a new tumblr.

I would make a dedicated blog for what I want to do.

What I want to do is blog about the obvious.

So i’ll just use this tumblr. It’s here. Why not?

Dec 27

Jun 11

Apr 24

in need of a wallpaper…

for my ps3. i was thinking marvel superhero themed. I love spider-man.

leave me a link to a photo you think would be good.

question mark?

Apr 3
Just cut off essentially what has been the same length for three years. My ears have never been so cold.

Just cut off essentially what has been the same length for three years. My ears have never been so cold.

Mar 18

i cant stop laughing

the talking dead’s death tribute was too funny!


The Walking Dead :D

hershell sure had a lot of ammo.



You only had a few lines in your life!

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